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Nothing Short of Fabulous when it involves Summer, Soirees, Style & Sex

Blazer: DIESEL. Shirt & Shorts: H&M. Shoes: ZARA. Belt: PRADA. Glasses: DOLCE & GABBANA

The city is lacking warm sunny weather at the moment but that sure did not stop me from bearing some legs to Style Republic Magazine 's more than glamorous, Summer Soiree. The bash, held at Glowbal Collection’s plush spot, Society, was a perfect celebration in honor of the much anticipated movie release of Sex & the City 2.

I stuffed my face like a starving malnourished child from Malawi with just about every decadent treat that was presented in my face. Sipped on delicious bright fuchsia colored cocktails that could make any red-neck man stray away from. And mingled through the city’s most beautiful trendy crowd all while classic episodes of Sex & the City played on huge flat screens.

The soiree was nothing short of fabulous and with the release of Sex & the City 2, this summer is already starting to look quite swank.

Wonderful official photos of the soiree courtesy of Style Republic Magazine.

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