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Monday's Design Inspiration: Big ticket item (living room couch)

This week I will be revealing my 'big ticket item,' our lounge for the main living area.
For me, this must be washable, soft and versatile for kids! I would love to have a Velvet couch but for now, that is out of the question! I have velvet pillows and an armchair in Cove's room that will get me by for now...

I collected samples from Warwick textiles and milk tested them, yes, I splashed nut milk all over them! This one came out best... Opus, Pepper.
It's a grey tone which is versatile, matches back with most colours (I am forever changing throw pillows- each season actually!) and I loved the flecks of silver through it. It is hard to see it's true beauty in pictures below from my instagram.
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It is a very versatile (I am over using the word versatile a bit here!) lounge that I wanted to go in to any house and pull apart easily as I like to re arrange furniture all the time!

Long version with the missing piece upstairs on the gym/meditation mezzanine area... below

Long version...

Here it is all together, not the best pic!

4 turquoise pillows from Trilogy WA $220 each.
Peacock pillow from Etsy

I have some (matching but darker) X-benches being custom made from Adorn Homewaress arriving soon too!

Source: via patricia on Pinterest

Look out for tomorrows post... decorating the beach house (Transforming Tuesdays!)

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Monday's Design Inspiration: Big ticket item (living room couch) + TIME