NYC Style Spot + [Outfits]

I found Waldo. He was just hanging out in the closet with my Dolce & Gabbana

Blazer: H&M. Shirt: ZARA. Vest: HAWKINGS McGILL. Jeans: DIESEL. Boots: ALDO.
Belt: D&G. Bracelets: URBAN OUTFITTERS.

If you couldn’t tell already by looking at my ridiculously obnoxious in-your-face branded belt in the picture, this is an outfit inspiration from the recognizable D&G Men`s Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.

I’m generally NOT the type to trot around town with any major brand name logos stamped anywhere on my clothing. I would never want to look like a trashy walking billboard so I avoid that at all cost but I thought the belt was quite fitting for this look.

I don’t mind when logo-whoring is done tastefully, with subtlety and with cause. But if I can recognize every single brand of your entire logo-screaming outfit, from head to toe and from a mile away without taking a second glance, then you might want to re-consider NOT dressing up like a douche-bag tool next time when going out.