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Transformation Tuesdays: A Stylin' High Tea- my take on the bar cart: A stylin' high tea look!

A Stylin' High Tea: My take on the bar cart look!
Bar Cart's - classic, gorgeous, not suitable around toddlers... oh, and I don't drink! Maybe once a year...
My wine fridge has a few bottles of wine, half a dozen young coconuts and lots of raw chocolates.
I'm more of a chocolate connoisseur- a wine fridge is the perfect temperature for chocolate storage ;)

I posted about my bar cart purchase a while back- did you guess which colour I got? I have always adored bar carts (another post.) My parents always had a bar cart with a lovely collection of vintage bottles and spirits. Like me, they are not really drinkers themselves but it was wonderfully useful when entertaining.

Ada & Darcy

I have created a 'tea cart' version for this classic item which I will show you in my next post.
I love tea but with two little terrors boys in mind I probably won't be bringing out my Royal Albert tea cup sets or my 'Jasper Conran' for Wedgewood (pictured below!)

Source: via Greia on Pinterest

Source: via Aubrey on Pinterest

Source: via Courtney on Pinterest
T2's fine china pieces are a stylish and suitable (and easily replaced) alternative with toddlers and clumsy mummy's rushing past the bar cart!



See more pics of bar carts styled on the Decorista blog from a couple of years back, below...
I wasn't the first to fall in love with Bar Carts and I won't be the last!
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