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A Lesson from the Starving Stylist

Giorgio Armani S/S 2010 -- Armani Exchange S/S 2010 // Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2010 -- D&G S/S 2010

A Lesson w/ The Starving Stylist: Diffusion Lines

One out of 65,476,412 pet peeves of mine is when people have a problem differentiating the difference between a designer’s diffusion line and their signature line. Not a lot people understand this concept, that’s why I’m constantly found with my eyes rolled to the back of my head and ears completely tuned out.

A diffusion line is a comparatively cheap modestly-priced line of merchandise typically created by a high-end designer whose principle signature line retails at a much higher price.

Signature Line ----> Giorgio Armani ---> $$$$
Diffusion Line -----> Armani Exchange -----> $

Got it? Because being the label whore driven person that I am, I’m not afraid to call you out and rip you a new one. I’m tired of people parading around and calling their outfits Dolce & Gabbana when really it’s only D&G Jeans. I’m generally not impressed with labels anymore. It really should be about the fit and quality of the merchandise. Those should be the determining factors of whether something looks good on you and not about the label tag that's sewn on the inside of that garment!

So, what is your personal take on designer's diffusion lines?

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