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a pop of pink & yellow is delicious!

Good morning or evening, depending on where you are!

Just wanted to share this picture with you that I discovered a couple of weeks ago. You know when an image just sticks in your head and you have to keep googling to find it and look at it again? This happened to me and this picture. There's just something about it... do you feel it too?

Lisa Sterio's home - Style at Home (Canada) Take the cushions/pillows, curtains and lamp away and its basically a black and white room - a perfectly neutral palette to take in another direction. Maybe that's why this 'indecisive' girl likes it... I'm embarking on my more colourful phase but I think I like the security of going back to the neutral look if I chicken out.

So, this is my real dilemma... should I paint my white bedroom a nice dreamy grey and go for some pops of colour like this? Or stencil the walls in trellis... or grasscloth... or...

Happy Friday to everyone in www land (I think it's my favourite country!).

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