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Starving Stylist Living

My bedroom is my sanctuary, my life’s escape, my security and my place to dream, that’s why I don’t allow many to enter it until now. So, here is just a peek of my place of refuge to show to others that I don’t actually live in a cardboard box with newspaper as carpeting.

-Truth be told and the story of my life, I am an obsessed neat freak.

-I love my eggshell white walls, which may cry boredom to others but I love the refreshing, clean and alluring mood it exudes.

-Fresh cut flowers can always be found in my bedroom. I have a soft spot for them, especially white ones...well except for carnations or baby’s breath because they’re cheap fillers that I regard as just weeds.

-Candles are dispersed around in my bedroom and are constantly being burned. It feels as though I live in the stone-age at times because I’d prefer candle light over my lamps any day.

-Music can constantly be heard coming from my bedroom in the hallways. Whether it’s Snoop Dogg blasting from my stereo or some Damien Rice and ol’school Brandy whispering through the speakers at night, there’s never a moment without a tune.

-Photographs and frames are abundant and are seen at every corner of my room. But as time progressed and relationships soured, many of the pictures were removed and left imageless. Photographs I frame are like trophies, so never would I keep something framed when it had no value left to share.

So, how would you describe your sanctuary ?

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