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Within the Clutches

BALENCIAGA lambskin clutch. CHANEL lambskin envelope wallet. EXCEL teeth whitening chewing gum. PURELL hand sanitizer. A SHARPIE pen to sign autographs (haha jk....* ahem *...*blank stare*). LOUIS VUITTON money clip for my non-existent cash. YVES SAINT LAURENT L'Homme cologne. House & car keys. KIEHL's Lip Balm #1. Business cards. A lighter.

I've done a "What's in Your Bag" blog post before, sometime, a VERY long time ago. But a handful of readers recently suggested that I do a "What's in Your Man Clutch" post. Um…okay. Sure.

I am one of the many few guys that has no problem carrying a hand-sized bag or clutch. I'll get the raised brow look and the occasional smart mouth comment from some moron in baggy carpenter jeans but, I don't care—Hey asshole, my "murse" costs more than your house rent, so here's a big middle finger to ya!

I carry a clutch because it holds all my daily necessities all in one small handheld package. Phone, keys, wallet, business cards, lip balm, etc.—that's a lot of needs that I am not about to stuff my pant pockets, because let's be honest, all you guys out there would agree that there should be only one bulge in your pants and it's not from the pen in your pocket.

Just sayin'.

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