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Design Inspiration: ROOM REVEAL- Toddler Boy Bedroom

My little boy's new (toddler) room has turned out to be a common colour theme (navy, red & white) that is pleasing to adults and also age appropriate for him with the pirate/ mickey mouse/ beach details which are related to his current interests.
He loves it, I love it and it is easily adaptable to be changed as he gets older or I get bored with it.

The mickey mouse from Adairs is no longer available but if I had my choice, I would go for this Navy & white star bedding and just put a Mickey Mouse toy on the bed but Taj wanted this bedspread in particular when we were shopping :) I am currently looking for an Organic Cover as his fitted sheets, doona and pillows are all organic and safe for him to sleep with.
The bunting is also available from one of my favourite online stores.

Sea Shepherd Flag that I got Taj before he was born.

Link to image I wanted to give him 3 things with a lot of meaning to me that he could keep in a memory box forever. This represented 'Compassion' for me as one of the most important traits I would like him to carry through life.

Denim coloured letters & sitting on matching toy box
Photo's special to Taj that he chose to frame :)

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