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A Campy Camper

For the 3rd time in the past 2 weeks, I was invited to three separate camping trips that are set to happen this summer and my response to all three of those invites... “There better be fucking room service!”

Sure, call me a prissy little bitch but I appreciate my running water and flushing toilets, so why on earth would I trade that in for a bunch of leaves and a bucket for the weekend? I can handle a day getting down and gritty with nature and getting dirt on my Prada but when the sun sets, I want to be wrapped in my chenille bath robe, finely moisturized and comfortably tucked in my 500 thread-counted sateen sheeted bed while enjoying a glass of sparkling prosecco.

So hopefully, the next time I’m invited on a camping trip, it’s actually a trip to an all inclusive resort with a spa because that’s how I define a recreational good time! But if all else fails and I end up in the middle of the forest in a tent and with no reception on my BlackBerry (Lord Please save me)...well at least I’ll look pretty fucking fabulous with ‘summer camp ’ outfit inspirations from DSQUARED MEN’S READY-TO-WEAR SPRING 2010 COLLECTION.

Summer camp never looked so chic.

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