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Wellness Wednesday: I want to be back @ Samudra's Vitality Detox Retreat...

Samudra's Vitality Detox Retreat was everything I imagined and more! I highly recommend it!
The staff were beyond welcoming & down to earth... I met some lovely people in my course too!
I am someone who likes to sit back and take it all in (maybe even a little shy!)but I felt comfortable and ready to join in with the whole experience straight away!
I picked up some lovely Organic clothes, yoga gear and supplements which you can buy online
They have some fantastic recipes on their site too!

The food in the Kombi Cafe was amazing!

My Feed bag, mentioned in a previous post

I always stock up on my Samudra Powders... Superfood/Smoothie Powder post coming soon!
Here is some more retreat info... link

Samudra's philosophy below... Philosophy

Super food for a magnificent life

Samudra’s philosophy is one of integral nourishment. Our goal is to provide you with the finest seasonal organic ingredients nature has to offer. The star in our Living Cuisine is the produce itself - prepared with love, passion and attention to detail. The intention is to celebrate the natural pure flavours, textures, and colours of whole foods, while transforming them into exciting culinary offerings to nourish ourselves, and support sustainability for the planet.

Living Foods:

Raw Living Foods essentially means that the food hasn't been heated above 46 degrees celsius, and retains a high level of nutrients normally lost during cooking. ‘Live food, live body, dead food, dead body’ is the underlying philosophy of the Raw Food movement. High quality, fully ripened raw fruits, vegetables (lots of greens!), nuts, seeds and seaweeds are considered key to health and abundant life force. Benefits of living foods:
  • are low in calories & higher in vitamins and minerals therefore the body doesn’t need as much food as it would eating cooked foods
  • keep your energy levels steady so you don’t become too hungry or too tired
  • eliminate wastes quickly and easily thus promoting a health colon keeping digestion at an optimal level
  • reduce your cravings for processed sugars
  • use natural ingredients therefore it is almost impossible to overeat
  • use cold-processed oils that contain good fats for the body and do not increase weight gain contain living water to hydrate your cells

Read more about their philosphy

While I was there we visited Wonky Windmill animal farm & eco park with the boys and
Magaret River Chocolate factory...

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