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Weekend Lust: Drinking Tea!

Weekend Lust: Drinking Tea!
It always taste better out of a pretty tea cup, don't you think?!
I am always conjuring up different tea flavours with herbs and spices but my favourite would have to be the ever popular T2 Liquorice Legs! It's not quite organic but it is sprayed with minimal pesticides I am told. If you like tea bags try the lovely Husk version 'Digest.'
Here is some of my tea pot and cup collection... The first, in Lilac, is a newie that hubby got me for a "just because" gift. He can be so thoughtful when it comes to surprising me. Some gifts he gets are not your easy/typical guy choices... like perfectly fitting and 'on trend' clothing! He knows me well and so he should! ;)
You can also look at Wedding List Co. online for a good selection before making a trip to the shops

LEGLE Limoges, France Parma with hand decorated Platinum- divine! Missoni cushion and Table Tonic pouffe pictured also. David Jones has a fantastic variety of Limoges, near my house, they should all stock a similar variety. You can also look at Wedding List Co online for a good selection before making a trip to the shops.

Mega mug & cannisters, T2

Source: via patricia on Pinterest Husk 'Digest' in Bodum, Pavina- double wall glass

Delicious new iced tea! Organic and no added nasties!
Love this gold bowl from my recent purchases in the background

Pot warmer- so handy for drinking tea all day long during winter!

My take away glass insulated cup from T2.
I always take my own hot chai to the play centre

T2 glasses, brighten any day!

Latest T2 haul of fine china,
loving all the gold!

It is fun & nutritious to make your own tea flavours... I will do a separate post on this and where to buy organic ingredients to do so soon! Have a lovely, cosy weekend x

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