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Summer in the Office - Dos and Dont's

With more of us spending this summer at the office rather than at the beach, summer work attire can be a challenge, especially keeping it appropriate. Zara (top-left) has decided to bring colour into our lives with a skirt and top combo. Stella McCartney (above-right) for Net-a-Porter is offering an endless array of options in nude, with dresses, cardigans and suits ideal for the hotter months. Penelope Cruz's collection at Mango (below-left) is giving the sexy suit an easy and comfortable twist.


Don't wear spaghetti straps, mini skirts, and avoid strappy stilettos as not only will they end up being torture after a few hours but they are more suited for an evening out
Do maintain some of your identity. Avoid wearing anything that will make you feel uncomfortable.
Don't go see-through, no matter how hot it is, what you wear underneath must not be seen!

Picture: Zara, Net-A-Porter and Mango

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