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The Classic American Cool

Shawl-collar chunky knit cardigan, white cotton sport shirt and yellow straight fit cotton chinos: All TOMMY HILFIGER.

Without a doubt, Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world's leading lifestyle brands delivering a true preppy look but with a fantastic modern twist.

I grew up wearing Tommy Hilfiger as a child and till this day, I still proudly sport this classic American cool look with great ease. Also, as a lover of chunky knit sweaters, all things nautical inspired and preppy looking, it's no surprise that Tommy Hilfiger would be my first choice.

And lucky for myself and all the other gents out there in Vancouver BC looking to add a little prep in their wardrobe, Tommy Hilfiger on Robson Street in the heart of Downtown is now an ALL menswear store that has a fantastic selection of sportswear to dress furnishings to even tailored clothing—You all need to check it out!

Tommy Hilfiger—Menswear
1092 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC


Peter Ty x

Photographs taken by Ashley M.

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