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F.A.Q. with the Starving Stylist

F.A.Q. with the Starving Stylist

“...looking at photographs, your quite tall. What is your height?”
Sure...I guess I’m pretty tall at 6 feet or 182 cm for an Asian, especially for the fact that I come from a Vietnamese background where the average height for males is about 5’8.
Besides from my eclectic fashion sense which already has me screaming for attention, can you even imagine the kind of looks I get every time I waltz into an Asian Supermarket while trailing behind my mother who barely stands tall at 5 feet? It’s pretty priceless.

“I’ve noticed that you only pose on your left side in pictures. Is there a reason for that?”
I like to pose on my left because it’s my, “I-refuse- to-show-that-I'm-fat-with-a-lazy-eye-and-a-double-chin ” side. I’m honestly just more photogenic comfortable on my left side that’s all.

“…did you ever consider pursuing a modelling career?”
Sure I considered it, just as much as I dream of owning my own Hermes Birkin 40 in orange clemence leather with platinum plated hardware, it’s just far from ever becoming remotely true.

“I saw that you have you tongue pierced. I want to get one myself but I’m afraid of pain! Did it hurt?”
I would be lying to you if I said it didn’t hurt because it did. I only blame it on the fact that the moron who pierced it did a shitty job and underestimated the pressure the first time and had to re-puncture the hole a second time. Weak bastard. But don’t let my bad experience scare or discourage you because I still came back and got another body piercing not too long after but this time in a place below my head level ;)

“…as a guy, you have quite a large handbag collection. So are ‘murses’ the must have thing for guys now?”
I LOATHE the word ‘murse’. I find it such a pigeonhole word with a negative connotation. But to answer you question, ‘murses’ are not for every guy and they shouldn’t have to be. I just find it practical to carry your necessities in a bag rather than shoving every single little thing in your pant pockets, which then give you bulges in places where there shouldn’t be.

“…Marc Jacobs is rockin’ it and so is a handful of other male fashion innovators, what is your opinion on men wearing skirts? Would you rock it?”
Unless I decided to do drag and had 6inch stilettos, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a skirt. But kudos to Mr. Jacobs and for all the fashion innovators who are able to rock the look with so much confidence though, I on the other hand would like to avoid breeze underneath my legs.

“Do you really STARVE yourself in order to have all these material things you own?”
Not entirely. I still eat of course, I just would rather spend my lunch money on a new pair of Prada shoes than on a meal that I know will eventually come out of my system one way or another.

“…I really admire the way you are so confident and comfortable in the way you dress as a guy, but are there times when you feel uncomfortable that you don’t fit in or whether you know people are talking negatively about you? How do you deal with it?”
Take it like a grain of salt and brush it off. People talk smack about me ALL THE TIME! From the front, back and even around the bloody corner! I’m still having a hard time thickening my skin, but I just continue to do what I love because at the end of the day, you only have yourself to impress and make happy.

***Thank you everyone for their comments, questions, emails, love letters and hate mail! Y'all definitely make my day a whole lot interesting so please continue to show the love. xo

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