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A Day in the Life..

The Devil Wears Prada Lululemon?

So for the past few days, I’ve been assisting with a local fashion stylist that’s working on multi-thousand dollar campaign for BC Place. I had to go shopping for sportswear uniforms & protection gear for the photo shoot, which was completely out of my expertise, kind of like throwing me a wrench and telling me to fix a car. I wouldn’t have a clue what the hell to do and I obviously would be too afraid to get my Prada dirty! Anyways, the photo shoot went amazingly well except for one misstep ... I had somehow mistakenly forgotten to pick up a pair of goalie gloves for the shoot. SHITTTTTTT! Because time is money and when a huge production is brought to a sudden halt due to a tiny little huge mishap, there is going to be some angryyyy diva’s on set! Shitttttttt better brace myself for a Blackberry across the face!

After some MAJOR damage control and running out and purchasing the gloves, I had to face the Queen B of the talent agency. Walking into her quaint home office with my tail between my legs, I sat down opposite from her at her desk with my Louis clutched so tightly I could see oxidization start to happen on the bag strap due to my sweaty palms. Completely casual looking in her Lululemon yoga attire, but still fiercely intimidating with her head-set on, she said “Mr. Peter T Hoang.....” Oh fuck me, she just said my entire full name, she’s going to rip me a new one!

And she did.

I sat there biting my tongue and digging my nails into the leather seat in complete silence while she ranted and barked at me. After ten minutes of slaughtering and butchering me for my faults, she gave me a smile. OMFG. SHE’S GOING TO EAT ME!

But she didn’t.

After beating me down to the ground and stomping on my hopeless dreams, she propped me back up and praised me for being so diligent and spot on with the tasks I was given. She told me that I was great and the only reason why she was being so hard on me is because she didn’t want wasted potential to go down the drain. And to quote her exact words, “I like you, but just don’t fuck up ever again”.

Note taken. Thank you Ma’am.


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A Day in the Life.. + TIME