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Miss Purple

Call me twisted, sickk or completely high on the smell of gasoline, but I think Australia’s Miss Universe contestant, Stephanie Naumoska is absolutely stunning! Sure, bitch may look like she lacked a cheeseburger (or maybe two with extra mayo of course), but hell, some of us there would KILL for a naturally rail thin body, outlined ribcage and protruding hip bones! Fuck, at least I know I would!
So to hear all this gossip about the ‘Miss Universe Body Scandal ’ or the ‘Skinny Controversy ’ on countless websites such as THIS, THAT and EVEN THIS makes me extremely frustrated because people immediately conclude that this skinny bitch has some kind of eating disorder or is malnourished or blah blah blah because she has a bone or two sticking out of her body! I have extreme collar bones and my hip bones protrude out too but I’m healthy... well sorta (???). Maybe sometimes people are just born naturally pin-needle thin because it’s in their genes or maybe their will power to not binge on junk is a force to be reckon with unlike our fatty selves? And if none of these were the case... then I want the damn number of the dealer they’re getting their fix from because that shit must be good!

So malnourished beauty queen or not, TEAM HIP BONES AUSTRALIA FOR THE WIN!


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