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Up to my neck—Part 2

H&M black leather jacket; JOE FRESH wool turtle neck sweater & black ultra skinny trouser; PRADA leather slip-on loafers; PERSOL black acetate sunglasses.

Can I make my obsession with turtlenecks this current season any more obvious?—Well clearly I can, by making a Part 2 follow-up of last week's blog entry of course!

I also have been recently sporting a lot of head-to-toe black ensembles lately... A little too much in fact because it's starting to look like I'm always prepared to go to a funeral at a moments notice, but I guess with all this gloomy dark weather looming in the city and people's depressing credit card bills rolling in from the holidays, you can never be too over prepared for one this season.

But I swear, I did wear colour the other evening out... Grey—Yes. How very adventurous of me.