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Life as I know it...or what’s left of it

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. ”
--Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel

  • THE GAGA: The Lady Gaga concert in Vancouver, which I attended, was “FUCKING AMAZING ”....well that’s what all my friends keep telling me because I was too shitfaced from all the copious amounts of alcohol on an empty stomach to remember anything. All I can recall is a lot of dancing, screaming, singing, swearing and drinking, which basically sums up a perfect fun night out for me.

  • THE MISUNDERSTANDING: Part of my job as an Ambassador at work is to smile and greet people, but unfortunately some are getting the wrong signal and think that I’m attracted to them. This would totally work out in my favour if I had more attractive people hitting on me at work or anywhere for that matter but I ALWAYS seem to magnetize all the jacked-up lunatics with holes in their shoes the size of golf balls, who actually have the guts to ask me out on a date.

  • THE PRIZE: I recently inherited my fathers prized watch which used to belong to my grandfather back in Vietnam. It’s an authentic automatic Rado watch with a gold face and real diamond time markings. It’s an amazing gift with so much history and love that I wouldn’t dare trade it in for anything else....welllll....unless if it was Chopard's "Super Ice Cube " watch, which is dripping in 66.16 carat diamonds, than I might have to pray forgiveness to good ol’gramps!

  • THE NEED: I’ve decided the only thing I need for the Christmas is a really good spa package ! A foot rub, back massage, facial...I want the fucking works! This standing at work for 9 hours a day in extremely uncomfortable but beautiful designer shoes is taking a toll on my body. But I guess pain is the price I pay for beauty.

  • THE FAME: Not to sound vain in any of way possible, but I’m finally tasting the fame of the Starving Stylist. I knew that I had a LOYAL base of readers but who the hell knew that one day I would be pulled aside on the busy street by strangers or approached at work by customers only to be graciously complemented about my blog or better yet have my secret infatuation express how much they enjoy reading about my rants and raves! *swooooooon *

  • Sincerely, thank you to all my readers and your support! Y’all make me seriously blush bright red like a fat kid who just ran half a block down the street! And if you want more of me, then I suggest you follow me on Twitter because I definitely update that a lot more than this blog!

    p.s. photo credits to Michael R.B. Gibson & Christine Nguyen. Thanx for taking pictures you guys since I was too intoxicated to remember that I brought a camera! xoxo

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