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If The Cap Fits...

When it comes to shopping, I am perfectly comfortable browsing around in the ladies section...Heck, I’m even more comfortable trying on the stuff myself! Sure, it’s tailored for a woman’s body, but clothes now-a-days are so androgynous looking, no one will ever know the difference! Besides, I’m a recent SKINNY BITCH, I fit a women’s size 6 PERFECTLY ; ) But on my recent shopping venture in the Starbucks littered streets of Downtown Vancouver, I had the hardest time shopping in one particular store and it WAS NOT because of my gender!

I am not going to state the name of this “Independent hip hop/street fashion/sneaker boutique based out of the city” or give the exact Hornby Street just off Robson next to the Starbucks location, but I will state the fact that I completely did not feel welcomed in the shop at all. But no No NO... by no means was I discriminated nor hated upon at this store. It was the obvious fact that how I presented my personal style in the way I dressed that one day, threw off the sales associates causing them to quickly categorize me as a non-potential client because of the way I dressed did not fit the store’s image.

I’m sorry my knee-high western boots worn that day were not a pair of Air Force Ones and I’m SORRY for parading around a large leather Prada shoppers’ tote instead of It was really unfortunate because I really liked a lot of the colourful and unique merchandise in the boutique and I was actually about to purchase a fitted ball cap, but my comfort level was at its breaking point and I didn’t feel like trying it on for size... also, I didn't want to get my hair all messed up.

Ohhhh well. Saved me from swiping my Visa and spending money I don’t have on something impulsive!


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